Ozhan Leylek born in a family of dancers, took his very first classes from his uncle Cetin Cengiz, who is a very famous dancer and the first Argentine tango instructor in Turkey. He assisted him in his tango classes between 1994 and 2004. Ozhan Leylek played a big role in the development of Argentine tango in Turkey.He is one of the founders and instructors of the first Argentine tango school in Turkey and he took part as an organiser in“Istanbul Tango Meeting”which is one of the very first international tango events in Turkey.
In 2000, Ozhan attended Yildiz Technical University Modern Dance Program and after 2 years he made a transition to Yeditepe University and completed his bachelor’s degree on “Art Management”
He performed in many festivals,dance shows and TV shows,both as a dancer and as an instructor and he represented Turkey in many international dance festivals.
Ozhan Leylek owns a T.D.F approved "Master dancer" and an "Argentine Tango Master Trainer" certification.
Ozhan traveled several times to Buenos Aires and worked with many Maestros to form his unique training technique.
He trained many Tango dancers and Tango instructors and yet remained to call himself "a life time tango student" He thinks that being a teacher brings along a whole life of studentship.

He performed in many events, musicals, TV Shows and danced with live orchestras like Juan Carlos Caceres, Contempo Trio, Piazzola Project-Piatango.
He gave Tango classes in many universities like: Yeditepe University, Sabanci University and Acibadem University. 
In 2017 he moved to San Diego and he founded “Tandiego Dance Club” . He is currently teaching their classes at his own studio.
He is also took part as the instructors of beginner’s boot camp at “San Diego Tango Festival ”2018 and 2019.



Fulya started her dance career at the age of 6 with gymnastics.Through her dance journey she studied various dance forms like jazz dance, contemporary dance,ballet, ethnic dances and Argentine Tango.


Fulya Guney took part as a choreographer in many Dance Shows and Television Programs like "Popstar" "Shall we dance" and “Look who’s dancing” 

She made the choreographies 

of many well known musicals directed by famous musical directors like Haldun Dormen,Mujdat Gezen and Levent Kirca                          

She worked as a choreographer for “Danset Company”directed by Nur Sonbahar for long years and travelled several times to India, England,Germany,China,Italy,

Yugoslavia,and Azerbaijan as a guest star/guest company.During this time she completed her master’s degree in “Art’s Management” 

Fulya started dancing Argentine Tango at 2000

Fulya uses her dance background in different dance forms to enrich her Tango.She is the creator of “M.E.E.T Tango Workout “which is a blend of different dance&movement techniques especially designed for Tango followers .M.E.E.T focuses on using proper body mechanics when dancing Tango.

In 2017 she moved to San Diego with and they founded “Tandiego Dance Club” . They are currently teaching their classes at their own studio.
The couple also took part as the instructors of beginner’s boot camp at “San Diego Tango Festival ”2018 and 2019