Wellcome to Tandiego

We have been sharing our dance experience for over 20 years! Begin your dance journey with us

Tandiego was founded by Ozhan Leylek & Fulya Guney very well known tango performers and teachers originally from Turkey.They are also the founders of "Danset Boutique" which is one of the best dance schools in Turkey.
The experienced couple has a professional background in various dance styles. Fulya studied classical ballett,jazz dance and contemporary dance and Ozhan studied folkloric dance and modern dance.The couple use their professional background in various dance forms to enrich their Tango. They combine both modern and traditional techniques and focus on teaching Tango using the proper body mechanics.They also approach to Tango as a dance where both partners are co-creating the dance instead of the "leader" creating the dance for the "follower"
After travelling to San Diego as "visiting teachers" in 2016, the couple fell in love with this beautiful city and they moved to San Diego and now, they would like to introduce you to this exceptional and special dance here in San Diego.
More About Ozhan&Fulya here
We offer both group and private classes in several locations in San Diego.Most of our classes are at our Miramar Studio.Group classes are $20 per class.No partner necessary and you can start any time.
For private classes please contact us to get more information 
ozhan@danset.net 619-467-6648
fulya@danset.net OR 619-467-6646
Beginner Level
Tuesday 7:00 pm-8:00 pm 
Thusday 5:30-6:30pm
Intermediate Level
Thursday 6:45 pm-7:45pm 
Adress: Flip Force San Diego
9282 Miramar Road 92126
TANGO “M.E.E.T” work-out for Followers
Saturdays 12:00-1:30 pm/Meet 1
Sundays 12:00-1:30pm /Meet 2
M.E.E.T is a specially designed tango Followers’ workout by tango dancer/instructor Fulya Guney Leylek.It’s a blend of many movement techniques to explore how our bodies function for a better tango experience with the motto”Once your body is ready dancing is easy!”
Flip Force San diego
9282 miramar road
(Registration required)-For the demo video of M.E.E.T WORKOUT CLICK HERE

You can develop body awareness, improve your communication skills and socialize while having fun.Tango is all about improvisation.There are no fixed sequences to follow,so you won't be memorizing any specific sequences or steps but instead,you will be learning the "Tango Body Language."
Tango requires a connection between partners that is in addition to anything they may be experiencing physically. In other words, other forms of dance rely on frame and tension to maintain a physical connection between partners. At it's best, the tango turns every beat of the music into an interaction that requires movement of each dancer independently in response to the suggestion of their partner.It is one where both partners are co-creating the dance.And that's what makes Tango so unique and special as a dance form.